Anat Ben-David

Anat Ben-David is a video and performance artist, working and living in London since 1999. One of several pioneers of the video-performance genre in Israel, she is also known for her collaboration with Chicks On Speed (since 2003). Her performances use video and music, to create and generate a total vision. Her musical activities, writing songs/texts or performing as a band, directs her activities into a live event which could result in an art performance or a live gig, which derives from punk performance and pop music. She claims to use herself as material to generate a persona, "focusing on the relation between the fascist leader and the pop star as dominant performers in front of a desiring audience of supporters/fans. Both creating, through their performance, a focal force that draws people in, in a totalitarian, collective mode. Media, pop culture and fashion in the case of the pop star, and images of power and control behind the fascist leader help to create this mythical figure that is channelling visions of hope and releases the individual from their every day life into a fantastic utopian experience." She says: "Being a performance artist, I decided to take on the pop star role by becoming one, by joining friends who play in contemporary electro punk rock acts- Chicks On Speed and Peaches - on a tour of the US (the 'Electroclash' tour, summer 2002)" Some of her performances and exhibitions include the Art Rules performance with Chicks On Speed and Douglass Gordon at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the group shows ALL MY LOVE FOR YOU at Gallery Enrico Fornello for Contemporanea Festival 07 in Italy, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang at Museo de Bellas Artes in Bilbao and the live performance for the 25 years celebration of the Turner prize at Tate Britain.