Sascha Ring aka Apparat

Sascha Ring aka Apparat, without a doubt one of the most open artists of his generation. A trained drummer, Apparat regards his moving to Berlin in 1997 as one of his best decisions. Since 1999 he runs with T.Raumschmiere the record label Shitkatapult. Holder of a John-Peel-Session, currently working on the composition of a Rock Opera with Gianna Nannini, Apparat has proved to be capable of merging highly experimental methods of composition with more audience-interaction forms of music, such as techno and elektro, keeping an eye on the laptop screen and another on the dance floor. An inheritor of Cage's new set of priorities, giving a long due attention to sounds rather than historical standards of music, Apparat has become one of the most influential German musicians floating on international waters. His latest collaboration with Ellen Allien was among the most exciting records of the year. He has just released the album "Walls" (2007) on his label Shitkapult, of which we stream the track "Arcadia" here. Sascha Ring lives and works in Berlin.