Brian Kenny

Brian Kenny is an American visual artist. He w as born in 1982 in Heidelburg, Germany, on an American military base. While growing up he traveled extensively throughout the US with his Army family. As a teenager, the artist was a competitive gymnast. After high school, he went to Oberlin Conservatory on a vocal scholarship, but eventually left school to concentrate on his own music and artwork. Kenny works across drawing, painting, sculpture, text, sound, video and blogging. In 2004, Brian moved to New York where he began collaborating with Slava Mogutin under team name SUPERM. They are responsible for site-specific, multimedia gallery and museum shows in New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Moscow, Oslo, Bergen and León, Spain.

Brian Kenny has had solo shows in various international galleries such as Envoy Gallery (New York), Blow de la Barra Gallery (London), Fritz Haeg Studio (Los Angeles), Galerie Deschler (Berlin) and Regina Gallery (Moscow). In his artist´s statement, he has said: "I believe that making art is an ideal opportunity to destroy or redefine stereotypes and common beliefs, juxtapose seemingly unrelated ideas and expand notions of beauty and self-awareness. I prefer to work in a spontaneous or stream-of-consciousness manner, with little or no planning or adherence to any specific genre. Influenced by the energy and spirit of street art, I like layering imagery, deconstructing text, incorporating found materials, and references from pop culture, to create a visual panorama that oscillates between autobiography, social commentary and the absurd. My imagery is submerged in a predominantly male world of sports, military, sex, hip hop and other urban cultures. Although my primary focus is drawing, I also work across painting, video, sculpture, print-making, sound, and text, as well as collaborate with fellow like-minded artists."

His current projects include drawings for Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonk, graphic design for NY designer Nicolas Petrou and his collaboration with Chicago-based t-shirt collective Imperfect Articles to be shown at the VOLTA art fair in New York, where Brian Kenny lives and works.


Brian Kenny by Slava Mogutin, Colorado, 2010.