Catriona Shaw aka Miss le Bomb

Catriona Shaw is a visual artist born in Edinburgh, Scotland, also known as Miss le Bomb. After finishing her studies at Edinburgh College of Art in 1997 she moved to Munich, Germany to continue her studies at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts and quickly became involved in the underground music circuit there. Teaming up with fellow students Emanuel Guenther and Benjamin Bergmann she formed Club le Bomb, an illegal Sunday club where happenings and concerts were staged and with which they toured around Europe in 2000 under the title "Club le Bomb: World Tour". She also enjoyed some success as lead singer of the pop covers project Queen of Japan (with musicians Hans Platzgumer and Albert Poeschl). After moving to Berlin in 2003 she started to produce music as Miss le Bomb, regularly collaborating with Electronicat (Fred Bigot).

In her visual art she translates her personal observations about popular culture into sketches, videos, and music. Her comic-like narratives arise spontaneously, as though they were diary entries in response to her surroundings. Stories about life and death, characters from the pop or art world, and animals who play human roles reflect her socially critical but usually also humorous thoughts. She does illustrations for record covers and flyers and presents and utilises her drawings in unconventional manners, such as in participatory projects like "Freeze Frames" (Finland 2006) where her drawings were used as storyboards for short films.

She utilises a similar narrative technique in her musical performances. The songs, although existing as separate tracks, all tell a story - the story of a girl trapped in an 'underground' pop world going through the usual teen-angst that most pop stars (of any age) are confronted with. Tough but fragile, jealous but famous, desiring and desirable she's been produced by men but she's a female musician in her own right and she likes to have a tan for the paparazzi.

A critique of the throwaway pop-culture, the fifteen minutes of fame Andy Warhol plagued upon this earth her music genre-hops through the history of pop creating a monster 'messy-disco' opera which can be danced to, misunderstood or just watched. Miss le bomb dances out her songs, her stage actions accompanying the narrative and describing, visually, what is happening.

She has performed in a variety of venues across Europe including Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Kunstverein Frankfurt (Roxi), Haus der Kunst, Munich, Recyclart Festival Brussels and Exit Festival, Novi Sad to name but a few.