Cia Rinne

Cia Rinne was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1973. She grew up in West Germany and then in her parents´ native Finland, before settling in Denmark in 2007. She works with visual, textual, sound and conceptual poetry, moving between the languages she grew up speaking or studied, sometimes incorporating the material into installations with found objects. Her installation "Indices" was first shown in a synagogue in Romania in 2003, and she also works with documentary projects in collaboration with photographer Joakim Eskildsen. Rinne and Eskildsen´s latest collaboration documents the life and situation of Roma in seven different countries, from India to Finland, published by Steidl in 2007. Cia Rinne studied philosophy in universities of Frankfurt, Athens and Helsinki, from where she holds an MA degree. Her collection of visual and concrete poems "zaroum" was published in 2001. "Sounds for soloists" is the performance of one of her most discussed works, the series "Notes for soloists", set to music with a sound design by Sebastian Eskildsen. Cia Rinne lives and works in Berlin, Germany.