Dennis Cooper

Interview with American novelist and poet Dennis Cooper.
Conducted, filmed and edited by Niklas Goldbach in Paris, 2007.



A friend dies one night,
swallows too many pills
on his way to a party
and grows pale as dust
in a shaft of moonlight.
You long to reach him
again, all your life.
A priest says you´ll
find him in the future
under cover of death;
you will stand and sing
near his glowing side.
We tell you to join us,
get loaded, forget him.
One day you shoot so
much stuff you fall over.
You hope to see him but
only grow clammy, more
stupid, like someone on
quaaludes. Now you and
he walk the same clouds
only when we´ve been
stoned and think back
on our lives, full of
dead bodies, and bright
now as heaven behind us.


Dennis Cooper was born in Pasadena, California, in 1953. He is a poet, novelist, critic and editor. In 1976, he started publishing what he called his "one-man-operation" Little Cesar Magazine, which would become the Little Cesar Press two years later, publishing writers such as Elaine Equi, Joe Brainard, or Eileen Myles, among others. His first books were the collections of poems The Terror of Earrings (1973), Idols (1979) and The Tenderness of the Wolves (1982), followed by prose publications like the novella Safe (1984) and the novel Closer (1987), from his "George Miles Cycle". His other books include Wrong (1992), My Loose Thread (2002), The Sluts (2004), God Jr. (2005) and The Weaklings (2008), which also names his extremely popular blog. Dennis Cooper lives and works in Paris.