Edimilson de Almeida Pereira

Poems from “The Book of Voices”

Translated by Steve White


The horse of all questioning will bend my body
to the ground. Perhaps your reason and sadness
will comfort me. Once the sun burned; now
it murmurs a lament of flame and cloud. Your life
is no longer and forever settled on the beginning
of the world. I am the horse and also its negation.
Your peace leaves me apprehensive. Your head
spins, your baggage of changeable mirrors: you
didn’t even come out, O know one on speaking legs.



Time dealt the cards on the policemen’s ribs. No, there
is no truth – only hypocrisy and violate clay. I turned
myself into a dog in the red dawns. And there I felt
the misery of the impossible forms. Demons are as
impersonal as masks of ash. I will turn into mercy
first, and then into reckless abandon. Destiny amuses
me, my feather of sunflowers lacerates me.


Praying Mantis

The hunter prays for the visceras’s innocence. Prays
to me, creator of the world, bruising and adored prince.
For whom sacrifices are little comfort. The piece of the
last vegetable request your prayers – the last piece,
remember. My thirst is the promise: O hunter! O hunter!
Are you not my sacrifice? Give me your suffering. The
lit bones of purification.

Edimilson de Almeida Pereira is a Brazilian poet, born in Juiz de Fora, in 1963. He has published "Dormundo" (1985), "Livro de falas" (1987), "Árvore dos Arturos & outros poemas" (1988), "Corpo imprevisto & Margem dos nomes" (1989), "Ô lapassi & outros ritmos de ouvido" (1990), Corpo vivido: reunião poética (1991), O homem da orelha furada (1995), Rebojo (1995), and Águas de Contendas (1998), among others. He is also the author of studies such as "The drums are cold: cultural heritage and religious syncretism in the Candombe ritual" (2005). Edimilson de Almeida Pereira lives and works in Juiz de Fora, Brazil.