Florian Pühs

Florian Pühs is a German musician, singer and producer, born in 1986. He first became known as the frontman of punkcore band Surf Nazis Must Die, whose only cult album was released by American vocalist and visual artist Mark McCoy´s Youth Attack! record label in 2003. Florian Pühs then co-founded synthpunk band Herpes, for which he acts as lead singer and one of the main songwriters. They have released a couple of EPs, and this year the German label Tapete Records released their first official album, called "Das kommt vom Küssen" (2010). Their second album is due March 2011. From lines stolen from Heinrich Heine to self-ironic diatribes against the Berliner hipsterdom, their music has been praised and dismissed on the exact same grounds, attracting as many fans as discontent. An example for Florian Pühs´ texts is in their first single "Very Berlin", song written by Pühs and Herpes bass player Philipp Schreiner, mixing social irony and self-deprecating debauchery. Florian Pühs also produces minimal techno, of which "Reproduction" is a fine example. The German singer and producer lives in Berlin.