Gabrielė Labanauskaitė

In Lithuania, lullabies are sung to children before bed. Not only to children, to adults as well, not only for adults, for children as well...

My drowsing head
My drowsing shoulders
My drowsing hands
My drowsing breasts
My drowsing thighs
My drowsing knees
My drowsing shins
My drowsing feet
My drowsing waist
Runs off from you like rain.
Invented Japanese language.
My drowsing waist
Runs off from you like rain.

Gabrielė Labanauskaitė is a Lithuanin poet, prose writer, playwright and book critic, born in Vilnius in 1980. She has a master degree in theory and history of literature from Vilnius University. She's currently working on a PhD about the narrative construction of stage plays and teaches history and theory of playwriting at the Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy in Vilnius. In 2008 she completed the script writer's course at the New York Gotham Writers Workshop. She is a member of the AVaspo collective and founder of TARP Festival in Vilnius, dedicated to experimental poetry.