Steven Warwick a.k.a. Heatsick

Steven Warwick is a Berlin-based musician who performs solo under the moniker Heatsick and is also known as one half of the duo Birds of Delay. Heatsick uses various instruments including voice, keyboard and percussion to create saturated washes of tone, floating and disintegrating entropic loops, while also using deliberately broken continuity as a playful, live conceptual gesture.

The project is focused on repetition as a means of creating abstraction, improvising with organic variations of a theme, yet embracing the artificial to facilitate a psychedelic mindshift. The music references a palette of sources from Musique Concrete and Psychedelia, through to the early Chicago House mix tapes, creating a unique and compelling sound. Heatsick uses a minimal analogue set up of Casio keyboard and real time loops, evoking early WBMX mix tapes/ Trax axis, cloaked in a psychedelic blanket. Heatsick played a rapturous Panorama Bar live set in the summer, has had tracks played at the Cocktail D’Amore clubnight and has performed at SHADE inc / NBI solo and with Laurent Gérard (El-g).

Forthcoming releases:



 12" on Cock Tail D'Amore.



Birds of Delay

"The Wash" LP on Wagon

"In Shuffle" 12"

"Steven Warwick by Sergio Bertin"