Heinz Peter Knes

Heinz Peter Knes was born in Gemünden am Main, Germany, in 1969. His work concentrates both on photography and a discussion about photography in the contemporary art world. After finishing his studies in 1999 he worked for several magazines such as Purple, i-D, Nylon, 032c, Dutch, Spex, Doingbird, Camera Austria, Butt, among others, and has photographed for record labels such as Virgin and Columbia. From early on he has developed his body of work with a strong influence and at the same time questioning youth- or gay-culture.  He says his work has also been influenced by collaborations with artists and collectives such as Bless, Danh Vo, basso, freier, Marc Brandenburg and Eva Mirjam. He has exhibited in the past years in Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Berlin & Cologne.

His most recent installations and videos have also dealt with the relationship between analog and digital photography. For Hilda, Heinz Peter Knes prepared a piece based on the Search Engine of Google Images, by typing his name and making a screen shot of the top images. From photos of his own work to portraits of himself made by other photographers, this piece enters once again one of the realms he most carefully discusses: identity through photography in a world drenched with it. Heinz Peter Knes lives and works in Berlin.