Jethro Louw

Our future
embrace the elliptic paths of paternoster
Expressing a pathos of passion
Tarnished rhythms calling from the shade
Now that pain has found its way around the sun
It´s the missing glance of this hyperopic clan
That goes from hand to hand sold on a market at a stand
The bits and the pieces of our motherland
History fed them hysteria
Apathy blown up in stereo.         on billboards in neon                  
In rhythm and in song
But now our epistemology has become focused on expression
to rear and inspire
This ravished and violated scatterings of the San.


Ochre stains red the horizon
Flaming images out of crimson
Pasturing out on the open fields were time stands still history is turning the wheels
Windmills in the karoo
And the status of the mantis shoe
Without sticking and any glue makes the sound on the strings comes out blue
Across the sun burnt stone hills
Where the heat contains the growth of knee high bushes displaying a longing for rain
Its the jackle's route
Bare feet throw the thorn bushes
The mission never fruitless when the decent of the San generates interest
Digging holes in a dry river bed

from "Anthology of the Sun – the lyrics of Tanneman / Xam"


"Afrikaaps - the documentary" (trailer)

Jethro Louw aka Tanneman / Xam is poet storyteller, indigenous music improviser, instrument maker (crafter), activist,community worker and tour guide. He was born on the banks of the Leeu-Gamka river near Beaufort-West in the Karoo (Cape province, South-Africa) in 1968. He composes and performs his texts in three languages: English , Afrikaans and Cape vlats creole (Afrikaaps). Jethro Louw is a founding member of the Khoi Khonnexion band and has recorded one album bringing together work that spans well over a decade, "Kalahari waits". In this capacity he has worked with schools, organizations and institutions in the arts and higher education facilitating workshops or inspirational talks.Tanneman is also part of the Khoi Khollective Liot Sols, Les Javan, Jitsvinger and others. He also performed alongside singer-songwriter and poet Collin the Bushman in his latest project "The Hottentot Cafe Society". The pair decided to start the band after the highly successful first class treasure tours on Cape Town Station with Dutch Director and artist Catherine Henegan in 2011. He all so performs with hip hop MC, poet, guitarist and activist Jitsvinger and is part of the award winning cast of Afrikaaps. Nominated for a Kyknet Fiesta award 2010.Toured Holland with Afrikaaps Production during Sept and Oct of 2011. The Khoi Khoikhollective is a group of artist musicians and poets brought together by the Hottentot Heritage and the desire to rewrite the disturbing representation of the Bushman People and their Culture. Jethro Louw has performed on the National Grahams Town Word Fest, the AbSA KKNK in Oudtshoorn where he worked as a member of the Khoi Khonnexion facilitating Khoisan cultural orientation and life skills workshops that prepared participants for a show case on a Garob stage .Hosted well known personalities on a Lions Head Shrine tour like Ron Mader editor @ and various other journalist and ordinary interesting people. Jethro Louw lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Jethro Louw's compositions and performances feature on Volume One of the Coffeebeans Routes' Bootleg Series, by the Khoi Khollektif, in collaboration with several Cape Town acts. The tracks are all live recordings from shows in Cape Town between 2004 and 2007. Jethro also features on the Goemarati compilation, with his track In a Third World, a collaboration with Black Rose.

For bookings, poetry readings / workshops, Khoisan cultural orientation and life skills, Instrument making and jam workshop, reach for his services at

Jethro Louw aka Tanneman