Joerg Piringer

Joerg Piringer is a sound poet, born in Austria, currently living and working in Vienna. Member of the Institute for Transacoustic Research and of the Vegetable Orchestra (das erste wiener gem¨seorchester). Student at the Schule f¨r Dichtung (School for Poetry) in Vienna (Curd Duca, Sainkho Namtchylak, etc).


[releases and publications]

cd: outpost produced by transacoustic research
cd: vokal produced by transacoustic research
cd: contribution to vox ex machina produced by leonardo music journal
dvd: contribution to essays on radio produced by cronica
cd: contribution to essays on radio produced by cronica
cd: contribution to superrouter produced by iftaf.rec
cd: contribution to windpipe moods produced by ergo phizmiz
catalogue : transacoustic research produced by forum stadtpark
cd: contribution to mmmzzz produced by oozebap & propost
cd: vegetable orchestra automate produced by transacoustic research
paper: violence in online communities
cd: contribution to hearings produced by transacoustic research
cd: contribution to boxon 13-14 produced by boxon
cd: contribution to bricollage produced by illegal art
vhs: contribution to austrian abstracts 02 produced by lanolin
cd: contribution to hearings 7-10 produced by iftaf rec
cd: contribution to hearings 1-6 produced by iftaf rec
cd: contribution to publikation uden navn
cd: contribution to electronic resistance
distributed by soul seduction and M.DOS
cd: contribution to commercial ad hoc produced by illegal art
distributed by seeland records and cha-bashira
cd: gemise - das erste wiener gemuseorchester produced by iftaf rec
distributed by extraplatte
paper: myzel - selforganization in networked worlds
master thesis: elektronische musik und interaktivitaet (electronic music and interactivity)

[exhibitions, festivals and performances]

FILE 2004 sao paulo, brazil
incubation 04 nottingham, united kingdom
erratum paris, france
off the record sound ARC paris, france
hoerbar (together with elffriede) hamburg, germany
schauspiel frankfurt frankfurt, germany
artheater koeln, germany
voruit ghent, belgium
p0es1s. digitale poesie 2004 berlin, germany
takeOff graz, austria
experimentalclub 03 madrid, spain
abstraction now vienna, austria
transacoustic research graz, austria
map 2003 graz, austria
e-poetry 2003 morgantown, usa
in-filth-tration 2003 leuven, belgium
de nachten 2003 antwerp, belgium
mikrokino 2003 belgrade, serbia
immedia 2003 ann arbor, usa
stuttgarter filmwinter 2003 - stuttgart, germany
proposta 2002 - barcelona, spain
impakt 2002 - utrecht, netherlands
viper - basel, switzerland
5th international meeting of experimental, sound and visual poetry - buenos aires, argentina
krikri 2002 - ghent, belgium
FILE 2002 - sao paulo, brazil
grizedale - cumbria, united kingdom
ELO state of the arts - los angeles, usa
cabaret voltaire - zurich, switzerland
diagonale 2002 - graz, austria
immedia.02 - ann arbor, usa
theater leopoldstadt - wien, austria
german international poetry slam - hamburg, germany
volkstheater wien, austria


oudeis - a world wide odyssey - concept for an internet theatre performance. der name des bruders - political computergame.
taetigkeiten - webpage; collaboration and discussions in and for the german netzliteratur-community.
das erste wiener gemueseorchester - vegetable orchestra. concerts in austria and europe.
institut fur transakustische forschung - institute for transacoustic research. co-founder.
myzel - selbstorganisation in vernetzten welten - internet online-game.
the joseph boys - stille nacht - soundperformance.
telezone - assistance for the award winning tele-community project (ars electronica).
konkrete inventionen - samplepoems. performance at worttheater, volkstheater wien.
hearings - organisation and participation at the institute for transacoustic research.
digitale dichtung - sample poetry. computer sound poetry. performances in vienna
wir alle - text/sound-movie. screenings at immedia02 and diagonale 2002.
mira lobe grant together with elffriede
founding of the band dieses gut neblige gebot
prize: prix de l atelier de creation sonore radiophonique 2003
founding of the band schneewittgenstein
founding of the band avantgartenzwerg