Luke Troynar a.k.a. Creatures

Interview with Luke Troynar a.k.a. CREATURES. Conducted in Berlin on April 7th, 2013, by Ricardo Domeneck, for Hilda Magazine. Credits: Luke Troynar interview. Video for "New Campaigns" by Luke Troynar. Cover art for "New Campaigns" EP by Luca Langagnani and Paul Aiden Perry. "New Campaigns" out on Wait! What? Records, April 2013.

"New Campaigns"
Luke Troynar

Break for me
I need something to fix
A little cubby house built with branches, leaves and twigs
Fall for me
And I will help kick you down
I need someone who needs me to help them off the ground
Burn for me
Yes I will help start the fire
I want something that mars a little bit like desire
Show for me everything that you’ve got
And I’ll see everything I don’t need that I want

Elementary phases of the catastrophe
Pittering pattering feet and fluttering hearts
I will not see your faults
Dizzy with cartoon stars
My white sheets your little black bra
Crawl around in a circle on my bed
Lay very still and play dead
That’ll do just fine
It’ll do just fine
It’ll be just fine

Speak for me
Use your voice like a scar
I want promises running like track-marks down my arms
Bend for me
Change your shape like Plasticine
You’re an animal, you’re a mineral, you’re a creature and you’re the sea
Hunt for me
Search for traces of gold
Find the dregs of the dirt from past campaigns I’ve sold
Find the dregs of the dirt from past campaigns I’ve sold
Take the dregs of the dirt from past campaigns I’ve sold

Luke Troynar is a Berlin-based Australian songwriter/producer, born in Melbourne in 1986, who performs under the moniker Creatures. Wait! What? Records has just released his début EP "New Campaigns" (April 2013). In his words: "The sweet spot in a hard knot. Melodically pure and lyrically potent, CREATURES is an attempt to traverse the gap between the worn out singer-songwriter genre and a denser, more ambient and opaque approach to sentimentally delicate music. 2013 finds CREATURES gathering likeminded musical companions (Jonny Zoum) and building a dynamic live act to capture and expand the dark, cinematic force layered within the gentle and restrained, yet powerful, songs that make up the CREATURES sound."

Luke Troynar a.k.a. Creatures - portrait by Adelaide Ivánova.