Miki Liukkonen

The last poem

When the new dawn
rises, revived
as though nourished
when a tangerine angel rises from a burnt film roll
and alights on top of a radio to sip sangria
feels the laurel wreath at his temples
stroking his rigid member in a room of deep sea blue
when the pumpkins fill with fog
when the piano froths at the mouth
when the summery figures of Arcimboldo’s vegetables move in an
    insomniac’s night
when a horse dances with garlands of yellow flowers when the crops ring to the rhythm of white drums

    and the sun is nothing but honey!

When the forest is full of perky animals
and the pine trees are sketched out
when you arrive at a station and find half a deer
standing on its hands
when a watermelon seed weeps
when a K-Mart catches fire
when a grain of sand twists around itself
when the spiral lies and when we
come out of the frost
panel by panel

    and a flycatcher gleams and sings!

When you accept the strange shivers
lonely on the edge of the bed after a fuck you can’t not describe them
when a band t-shirt appears on a cactus
when it’s warm under the umbrella
when a wedding features a flying show
when it fails
and when two rainbows one of which
is in C major the other in D minor
when a lost cabin is found after all
and winter comes

    and everything is so friendly!

When the pummelling moss faints leaning
into the fluffing tundra
when your coffee slops onto the clusters under a plastic sheet
when a cigarette-smoking onion visits the bank...
when everything is so unreal when
I ask: why is everything so unreal?
Why is sex like those red clouds timed by marching drums
that I dreamed of?
when you eat strawberries, when you’re digging a grave

    and so on!

When the stench of mankind is unbearable
and especially of a person who skis
when summer comes
and summer’s ancientness
that is always the same green in the very Greekest of meanings
that is always full of Socrates’ Holy Cocks
when there’s a desert full of sheet music
and the ocean is full of rhythm
when a cloud glides in through the door of a ski resort
when it’s booked a room
when Frank O’Hara’s metal horses in this poem
die over graves and every word is grave and eternity
when smoke fills a green spa

    and August’s stalks do bathe i’th’ glow!

When you’re in queer street up to the gills, full of love I love you
poetry catches fire in zeppelins in gardens growing drunk
rose skull forever
when a tent goes diving
when glacial boulders flutter their eyelids
when darkness falls...
when a bride in a warm bed wolfs down ice
and ice is found under the embers
and in the staircase
when a turtle learns German
and is invited on a talk show
when the world has Tao Seppuku nights and morning
when all motion stops

    and thunder powders its mountain!

when lunatic geriatrics shit in their pants in electric rest homes
over which flies the
dove of peace EPIGRAM I want outta here to lapland
when it’s cold
when twitter the cataract woods and the freshness
when we grasp the grass to cry and when we cry
when a hot air balloon goes hunting
when water rises into the church and the godliness
glows in the hotel lobby
    and the lights incite us: forward!
when poppies rave in the moonlight’s spit
and the metals dozing in the veil of the blue give off a fragrance
and water loses weight becomes glass and stares
    when we die
and we sizzle in grainy bushes
until our front lawn greens with new turf
    and the journey curves
then all this
all the already heard and what will in future be heard
see with all hearts.

(translated by Kasper Salonen)


Miki Liukkonen is a Finnish poet and novelist, born in the city of Oulu in 1989. After winning the important J. H. Erkon prize in 2009, he published his first collection of poems, titled ”Valkoisia runoja” in 2011, followed by ”Elisabet” in 2012. His first novel ”Lapset auringon alla” was published in 2013, all by Finnish publishing house WSOY. He is also a band member of The Scenes (Sound Of Finland). Miki Liukkonen lives and works in Oulu, Finland.