Pablo León de la Barra

Pablo León de la Barra is an artist and curator. Born in Mexico City,he has lived and worked in London for the past 9 years, where he has developed a body of work which makes of him an admirable example of the artist as cultural interventionist. Fusing his creations as an artist with his interventions as a curator or editor of Pablo Internacional Magazine, and refusing to draw a line of hierarchy and value between the fronts where he is active, he has become a catalyst and bridge between different cultural contexts, especially those of Latin America and Europe. Running the London based gallery Blow de la Barra for almost 2 years now, with Detmar Blow, where he hosts a variety of artists such as Federico Herrero, Marcelo Krasilcic, Los Super Elegantes, Stephan Brueggemann and Matthieu Laurette, he has made of "exile" more than a political condition, but the possibility of blurring national borders and questioning standard ideas of identity. Pablo León de la Barra takes the fusion of "life/art" into new levels.