Philip Guichard aka Phiiliip

Philip Guichard aka Phiiliip has released three albums: Pet Cancer, Divided by Lightning and Magically Bad, counting with collaborations from Avenue D and Soft Pink Truth, for example.

He has lived in New York, where he composed and produced his records. He was raised funnelling between Seattle and Olympia and has been active in the writing of fiction, including the book 'The Fevered Sea', which caught the attention of Dennis Cooper. Recorded in Seattle during Summer 2000, remixed and upholstered in New York through to 2001, Pet Cancer hit the world as his first musical attack. His second album, Divided by Lightning, has some of the best tracks released in the past few years.

His latest release is Magically Bad, of which we stream the track "Homefreeze" here.

He has been photographed amongst others by Slava Mogutin and Hedi Slimane, for the cover of Butt magazine.

In addition to the releases of Pet Cancer, Divided by Lightning and Magically Bad, Phiiliip also has many single releases, including a track on the Electroclash compilation for DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records (also featuring tracks by Fischerspooner, ARE Weapons and Bedroom Productions) and has performed with artists such as Momus, Genesis P. Orridge, Brian DeGraw and Wolfgang Tillmans at venues such as Tonic, Fun, Gavin Brown's Enterprise and Good/Bad. Phiiliip lives and works in New York.