Regina de Miguel

"Nouvelle Science Vague Fiction" (2011). Shown at General Public (Berlin), Maisterravalbuena (Madrid) and Montehermoso Cultural Center (Vitoria).

Regina de Miguel is a visual artist born in Malaga in 1977. Her work develops connections between situations of scientific analysis and perception as objective knowledge (scales of verisimilitude), non-experiential learning as derived from the technological imagination (estrangement and projection), and levels of development of the ideal and critical consciousness (new means of orientation). Part of her production has dealt primarily with the strategies of the formation of desire, crises in subjective meaning, and her visualization of the psychological landscape as a form of map making. Her work has been exhibited at institutions such as Artium, La Panera, Montehermoso, Musac, La Casa Encendida and can be seen in the collections of the Basque Museum of Contemporary Art, (Artium), Fundación Arco, INJUVE, ABC, CGAC, and the Reina Sofia National Gallery. The artist lives and works in Berlin.