Reuben da Cunha Rocha a.k.a. cavaloDADA

"z de zero / z in zero" - Reuben da Cunha Rocha a.k.a. cavaloDADA + Tazio Zambi
Text & video: Reuben da Cunha Rocha a.k.a. cavaloDADA / Sound: Tazio Zambi

z) since the invention of trains things have been far ahead of words:
no + use calling them by name <<< to grasp sm thng in the sea of
transgenic gello of the real it would be necessary to give up vanity
which is labeling stamping cardboard boxes in alphabetical order <<<
instead look at what they are how they smell function these
terrestrial bodies territories tumults in each rotation out of thmslvs
<<< see thngs as they are: forever unknown <<< that christian marclay
track made solely of vinyl crackling processed eletrnkll <<< in “more
encores” he manipulates vinyls e.g. from strauss chopin john zorn
louis armstrong jimi hendrix maria callas and overlays instigatingly
2ways of hearing causing the listener to oscillate <<< fluctuations in
perception´s tone <<< to hear how the bee´s thousand eyes see <<<
octopus vibrations <<< to tell the truth, i spent years listening to
alva noto (the german visual/sound artist) thinking it was japanese
electronic music <<< 1day i heard him say he had run out of working
material and decided to experiment with sounds: not a matter of music
but to find 1new code to create 1 knows not what <<< what about the
textualities of a wooden splinter a cutter a hairy cloud of 1 cunt?
<<< inhuman doses of electronic music have kept me for years
suspicious of any type of identitary proposals <<< for me it became a
matter of discovering inscriptions and not sitting writing wanting to
grasp too stable categories poet writer even artist <<< i prefer djs:
who scratched the vinyl till they came up with turntablism, ethereal
vinyl sculpture, 1art on the margins of hip-hop etc. <<< or e. e.
cunnilingus cummings acrobat with typewriter and ink <<< alva noto
sculpts the wave´s design directly into the computer (non musical
mediation for his art of music making) sound sculpture / science <<<
allen ginsberg made all of “the fall of america” on a taperecorder
while traveling by car train plane through the 1970´s usa <<< exu of
the seven crossroads <<< when josé agrippino de paula looked for jorge
bodanzky to make “III world hitler” he (agrippino) said “i have 1
movie in my mind but i know shit about technical apparatuses” <<<
which means knowing nothing about cinema: and yet <<< the pixadores
are the only contemporary artists (apart from hackers and skaters) who
maintain their status as criminals but they could only gain from
knowing who josé roberto aguilar is <<< transmedia pixo <<< archaic
imagination´s futurism <<< bodanzky already worked with cinema every
end of the month he would take agrippino filmroll leftovers <<< they
would leave with pieces of film to improvise with actors <<< the codes
of each art proliferate as in rabbits breeding, which makes me doubt
the possibility to keep saying e.g. photography theater poetry <<<
genre is a ghost as is the newspaper <<< many creators are far ahead
of the categories in contemporary art <<< how would you like to define
yourself in case you were björk oiticica dj spooky? to tell the truth
i wouldn´t even like to have a name <<< z in zero


"CAIXAPREGO/NAILBOX" - Performance by Reuben da Cunha Rocha on September 7th, 2012, at Backlit Galery / World Event Young Artists, in Nottingham - UK.

Two of the poems read in the performance:

everything spins
& i’m frequently possessed
the sand visits me
once ina while. swooping rascal
exibits its razors
chanting thru the serpent
of streets

set my body on fire over the bridge
i am the astronaut at the
bottleneck of day

who are you disguised
as a cloud?
yr eye shines a

brief infarct of loss

that criminals feel or
mystics or gamblers

if you come bring
joyfulness & beers


yr hair of plumes
owl’s head sun
i am heavy as the waves

owl’s head sun

it’s the 2nd time you please
me w/ yr presence

1st a bird
landing on an
arm of wind
a sound
at the potheads’ feast

2nd diffuse light
unmasking itself
you dissipate ego
in a spasm

revolt ego
governed by fear
ego governed by fear
revolt ego
governed by fear



Reuben da Cunha Rocha is a Brazilian poet, performer and visual artist, born in São Luís do Maranhão in 1984. He also works under the moniker cavaloDADA. He is coeditor of two magazines, "Pitomba!" and "randomia" and, with Ana Calzavara and Fabrício Lopez, published the album of poems + woodcuts "Miragem no olho aceso" (São Paulo: Estampa, 2013). In 2012, he took part in the WEYA Festival in Nottingham, UK, with the performance CAIXAPREGO/NAILBOX, and that same year had works included in the group show "Trezeatravéstreze" at Galeria Hum, in São Luís do Maranhão, with poets and visual artists. He has translated texts by Allen Ginsberg, Bill Knott, e. e. cummings, Gregory Corso, John Cage, Kodwo Eshun, Miekal And, Thurston Moore, William S. Burroughs, Kenneth Rexroth and Richard Brautigan into Portuguese. Reuben da Cunha Rocha lives and works in São Paulo.