Tim Hetherington

"Diary" (2010), by Tim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington was a photographer, moviemaker and war correspondent, born in Birkenhead, England, in 1970. He was the photographer on "Liberia: An Uncivil War" (2004) and "The Devil Came on Horseback" (2007), and co-directed with Sebastian Junger the documentary "Restrepo" (2010), based on their assignment in Afghanistan, which received the Grand Jury Prize for best documentary at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. Tim Hetherington described his short film "Diary", shown here, as "a highly personal and experimental film that expresses the subjective experience of my work, and was made as an attempt to locate myself after ten years of reporting. It’s a kaleidoscope of images that link our western reality to the seemingly distant worlds we see in the media”. Tim Hetherington was killed in Lybia on April 20th, 2011, while reporting on the Civil War in the country.