William Green a.k.a. Aggborough

Aggborough is taken from the name of ‘Kidderminster Harriers’ football stadium, a small town in the west midlands once famous for carpet production. It is also a new music project from now Londoner by the way of Kidderminster. His use of field recordings provides an organic source of material to complement standard dance floor production techniques. Blending elements of techno, house and the environments he places himself in, he gives us both a relevant and refreshing take on club music. He is currently working on a live AV show, which will combine a series of audio and visual recordings taken in matching specific locations, all around the concept of situation and environment to produce a piece that wishes to blur the lines between perfomance and the dj culture. His influences come from different sources, ranging from contemporary film, dance and art, as well as his love for finding the gritty in what is considered to be the post card picture of the British countryside. This is joined by his experience in music over the last 8 years with different projects and his work in other creative industries, which have already taken him from London to Berlin to Tokyo: performing, showing, presenting, teaching and building installations in many different mediums and outputs.