Wolfgang Müller and Die Tödliche Doris

Wolfgang Müller is one of the founding members of the Berlin-based multimedia group of interventionists Die Tödliche Doris. Throughout the years 1980-1987, Die Tödliche Doris (The Deadly Doris) became legendary in the West Berlin underground music/art scene and abroad. Still widely considered one of the most radical, intelligent and influential avantgarde groups of the last two decades in Germany, the members were Wolfgang Müller, Nikolaus Utermöhlen and Chris Dreier in the very beginning, and though other artists such as Dagmar Dimitroff and Tabea Blumenschein joined the group for a while, the collective was consolidated by Wolfgang Müller, Nikolaus Utermöhlen and Käthe Kruse. Their videos and performances were part of the Documenta 8, were shown at the MoMA in New York, at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Paris, in Tokyo and Kobe, and have helped shape a generation of experimental artists in the post-Wall German time.

Hilda Magazine shows here "Der Fotomatonreparateur" (The Photo Booth Technician), followed by "Eine Frau zur selben Zeit an einem anderen Ort", which are among the most important "Super 8" films of the group, whose oeuvre ranges from video to music and performance. Shown for the first time at the Paris Biennial in 1983, "The Photo Booth Technician" would become a cult piece, especially after the film inspired Frech director Jean-Pierre Jeunet in his creation of Matthieu Kassovitz´s character  in his movie "Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain". It all began with the installation "Material for the Post-war Era", in which Wolfgang Müller and Nikolaus Utermöhlen collected torn photo booth strips throughout the years 1979 - 1981, rearranging and resetting the pieces together. They began, however, to find a peculiar amount of strips with the same man left in perfect shape, unlike the others which were simply thrown away. When they discovered that this man was the technician who fixed the photo booths, the idea for the piece "The Photo Booth Technician" was born.

The selection is completed with two songs by Wolfgang Müller, one of them based on Dieter Roth, and a video of Müller´s performance at the club Neue Berliner Initiative in 2010.